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SEOTeam Joins International Missing Type Campaign 2016

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seoteam-miising-fonr1SEOTeam Joins International Missing Type Campaign 2016 to Boost Recruitment of Blood Donors Worldwide

SEOTeam takes part in the International Missing Type campaign 2016, involving 21 countries representing over one billion of the world’s population, which seeks to reverse the global decline in new blood and transplant donors. Among the countries involved, there has been a 28% drop in new donor recruitments over the past ten years.

This year’s Missing Type campaign is based on the very successful local campaign run in England last year as part of the UK’s National Blood Week which saw over 32,000 people register as new donors over a ten day period as well as 1,000 organizations participate. The hallmark of the campaign involves high profile organizations, brands, celebrities, and others removing the letters A, O, and B from everything from shop fronts to store signs to media publications during the campaign. The letters represent the major blood types, and by removing them, the aim is to show that these ‘types’ are at risk of going missing in the future without sufficient new donors.

For this year’s campaign, the 21 countries involved run synchronized social media, PR, and marketing initiatives utilizing the missing letters approach. The campaign also involves companies and organizations, such as SEOTeam, who willingly amplifies the campaign in each of the participating countries. Global celebrities and influencers also participate to raise anticipation and interest. Planned content includes an international social media film which shows patients around the world thanking blood donors, as well as iconic images provided by each country depicting key locations with the missing letters.

The 2016 Missing Type campaign occurs during August 15 to 21.


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SEO Related Links

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Our search engine optimization team loves learning about the industry. We understand some processes and jargon are not immediately ascertainable. We provide the services but it’s important for clients to have a basic understanding of the search engine optimization process, better illuminating our contributions to their success.

We’ve assembled a number of resources, allowing novices to learn the basics of search engine optimization, securing a better understanding of the processes, timelines, and end goals.

Wikipedia – Wikipedia’s information on the industry provides the basics along with some mid-to-high-level information. Understand the genesis of SEO, its evolution, the difference between “white” and “black” hat SEO companies, and more. Find additional links to related resources, supplementing your understanding.

Google SEO Starter Guide – Perhaps you’re thinking about building a site or outsourcing the process. You’ll need a better grasp of hosting a website, proper construction, and search engine optimization. Google, remaining the dominant search engine, supplies beginners with a blueprint for success on the search results. In short, the industry process closely follows directions supplied by search engines, securing clients great rankings.

How to Find a Service Provider – What advice would Google provide regarding search engine optimization companies? Get quick tips on finding the best SEO company, ensuring success on Google and other popular search engines. What questions should be posed to a potential optimization firm? You’ll know after the read.

SEOmoz – Rand Fishkin and company are heavily respected, earning accolades through proven success and the provision of industry tips and insights. The SEOmoz blog is widely read, providing daily tips on a range of industry concerns. This beginner guide is the unofficial “SEO for dummies,” clearly illustrating the basics, making it easy to differentiate between good and great service suppliers.

Matt Cutts – Matt Cutts is the official Google liaison to the “outside world.” What any expert wouldn’t give for Cutts’ inside knowledge. Matt helps industry players keep abreast on where the industry is headed, changes to Google’s algorithms, suggestions regarding better search results placement, etc.

Search Engine Land – As with SEOmoz, Search Engine Land has the respect of the industry, regularly providing free tips and suggestions, from beginner tips to highly-advanced processes. This beginner’s guide offers a score of additional links to videos, blogs, articles, podcasts, and more.

Search Engine Journal – Like SEOmoz and Search Engine Land, SEJ dishes up the latest in industry news and tips, never disappointing readers of all SEO knowledge levels. We often encourage clients to read some of the more popular posts, gaining a better understanding of the industry.

Search Engine Roundtable – The roundtable cites its purpose as providing the latest and greatest regarding search engine marketing. The roundtable offers readers insights from around the Web, expounding on the views of others and offering additional insight.

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This depends very much on your objectives, your website, your industry sector and the budget you have available for SEO, amongst other factors.

Our expert Search Marketing Consultants can talk you through your options. You can also read more about our services here. We have flexible strategies that are designed to give you confidence in our SEO services, and also fit in with your business model and business goals.

Why choose SEO Team?

For several reasons:

  • Our quality services: We have one of the largest technical resources in the industry, and an expert, knowledgeable team at your disposal, which means the strategies we recommend and the services we provide are the best quality.
  • Our Guarantees: Our Pay on Results and Bespoke strategies come with Guarantees in place, so that you can judge success for yourself before committing to further payments.
  • Return on Investment for your spend: We like to show you the Return on Investment for your marketing spend, and do this by delivering regular reports showing the progress of your campaign and giving you access to your own Campaign Centre, available 24/7, for complete visibility. We can also work with you to set up E-commerce goal tracking to help you judge your success online.
  • Our dedicated Campaign Management team: We have a team of qualified SEO Campaign Managers who will work closely with you to manage your Campaign and strategy and ensure we meet your needs and objectives.
  • For more information about why you should work with us, call to speak to a member of our expert team, or have a look at our testimonials.

For more information about why you should work with us, call to speak to a member of our expert team, or have a look at our testimonials.

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What are the benefits of SEO?

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With a larger percentage of people than ever before finding out about products and services by searching online, it’s important that you make some room in your budget for online promotional techniques such as SEO.

For many companies SEO is an important part of their long term marketing strategy, but what exactly are the benefits? Our guide should give you all the information you need on the advantages of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is about more than website traffic. There are many other benefits to optimising your website.

At Smart Traffic we know that you are interested in real, measurable benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about web ‘traffic’. It’s about making sure that the right sorts of people see your website within your chosen market sector, for your specific product or service.

So it’s not the quantity of visitors being driven to your website that matters, but the quality. If you sell cars, then you need to ensure your website is being looked at by people who are searching for information because they are actively thinking about buying a car themselves- these types of visitors are more likely to convert into real, tangible enquiries and sales.

Driving relevant visitors to your website should mean that you see an increase in enquiries about your products or services, which can then be treated as quality ‘leads’ to follow up on. These enquiries may come directly through your website, via email and also by telephone.

Research has shown that nearly half of consumers use a combination of Search and Social Media to help fuel purchasing decisions. This means that ensuring you have a healthy online presence is vital if you want to increase enquiry levels by reaching out to these consumers.

59% of adults in Canada went online to puchase goods or services in 2011, and the same percentage of Canadian SMEs took orders online by April 2011.

If you sell products directly on your website via e-commerce or by using an online shopping cart, Search Engine Optimisation can help increase the number of transactions by directing people to your website, or to a particular page, product or promotion.

Even if you do not sell products directly via e-commerce, the more interest people display in your website, product or service, the more likely you are to see uplift in sales as you raise awareness of your company and its offering.

Do you sell a particular branded product such as branded clothing, a particular make or model of car, or a competitive service such as mortgages or insurance?
Search Engine Optimisation can help to highlight specific products or any special offers you have running at the moment.

Over one-fifth of respondents to an online survey planned to spend more on online goods over the next 12 months, so supporting your marketing strategy with SEO is important.

Do you want people to know where you are, or target people based in a specific region? SEO can make your company more visible online for a specific region, city or town if you want. This can help boost your regional, national or even international profile.

An estimated 20% of searches made on Google via desktop in 2012 are local searches- people looking for companies who operate in their own area.

Research has shown that 40% of users who perform local searches then go on to visit, or contact the company directly after finding them via Search Engines.
Make sure you put yourself on the map with a Local SEO campaign – you should notice the difference both online, and offline.

We don’t just optimise your website for desktop computers, but can do it for mobile devices too- meaning people will find your website even if they are on the move. Marin Software predict that smart phones and tablets will represent 25% of Googles Australian paid search clicks by 2012. As an example From March 2010 – June 2011, shows that searches for ‘car insurance’ on mobiles rose by 70%.

With analysts expecting total online sales in Canada to grow from $16.9 billion in 2009 to $33.9 billion in 2015, it’s important to ensure that your potential customers are aware of your brand.

Ensuring that people can find your website easily on Google will have inevitable impact on your brand, in terms of how aware people are of you in your marketplace. Search Engine Optimisation can associate your brand name with relevant phrases for your target audience, and make sure that people not only find your company when searching online, but associate it with your area of expertise, no matter what your industry sector.

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SEO Guide

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What is SEO

You may have heard the acronym, “SEO” when creating and updating websites. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, referring to the process of improving visibility of a website in Search Engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google. Higher ranked pages often have better SEO and website content, thus they notice more customer traffic to their sites. The SEO process typically involves a Web Designer updating your content, images, phrasing and code to make your site more prominent for Search Engines. When a Search Engine, such as Google, can effectively locate your website because of its optimization or SEO it is called being “search engine friendly”.

Is my website Search Engine Friendly?

If you are new to this term the odds are your website is not search engine friendly. Have no fear, SEO services are often offered as an addition to standard website packages. At any point you can update your website to be Search Engine Optimized with updates to the site’s content and coding. A professional Web Developer will be able to suggest the level of SEO required to guarantee your site can easily be found by potential clients.

How does SEO work?

Customers can type in generic information into a Search Engine that may lead to your website instead of using your URL. For example your customer may search for a, “Lambton-based bakery, mini cupcakes”. Search Engines will browse your website by “crawling” through your content, looking for key phrases, applicable information and appropriate code that refers to your search. This is where SEO comes into play. With proper adjustments to your code and content these “crawlers” access more of your website, therefore Search Engines are more likely to display your website to a potential client.

Why invest in SEO?

It is easier than ever to compare companies, services and products online. Customers are doing their research online before ever stepping foot into a store. The addition of SEO is increasingly important to ensure your website is able to be found using various Search Engines. This allows potential customers to find you online, effortlessly. Having a noticeable online presence will increase traffic to your website, so more people will see your services and promotions.

For more information on how your site can benefit from either SEO coding or a content overhaul please contact us.

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SEO Trends You Need to Know

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CMS websites play an essential role in SEO

For instance, Google is taking a hardline approach. Shady link-building tactics, poor quality content and bad design are just a few of the factors causing websites to get penalised. So what s worked for your business in the past may no longer work, and in fact, could actually hurt your business now.

Today, successful SEO strategies have to incorporate diverse components including brand building, mobile optimisation, content marketing and social media integration. It s time to adapt your strategy to address these realities. Here s a closer look at five trends that will shape your SEO success in the year ahead.

Effective SEO has three pillars. A strong SEO strategy has three core components: links, content and social media. What s become more pronounced in the last year is the relationship between these elements. Content must be laser focused on your audience s needs and honed to drive specific profit-generating actions. Social media amplifies your reach, signalling to search engines that users find your content valuable. Links from high quality sites also reinforce that you re a solid, trustworthy site. A virtuous cycle is starting to emerge that all begins with writing great content.

The rise of content marketing moves toward digital maturity. Content marketing was the top marketing buzzword of 2013, and it s a trend that s here to stay. Brands need to become savvy about telling their own stories and creating content that resonates with audiences. As the initial fascination with content marketing wears off, marketers are now demanding more return on investment, or ROI. Content marketing is maturing, and as a result we re better able to effectively target content, measure performance and correct course to improve results.

Mobile optimisation is no longer optional. With the release of Google s Hummingbird updates, it s getting harder for sites without a mobile strategy to rank well. This includes both a responsive design and a mobile content strategy. Realistically, it s time to invest in this anyway from a business perspective: Half of Americans own smartphones and more than a third own tablets according to Pew Internet. Responsive design ensures that your site looks great across a range of mobile devices. A mobile content strategy targets your content to the context, needs and behaviors of mobile users. To learn more about post-Hummingbird mobile optimisation, read The Key

Ingredients to a Winning Mobile Content-Marketing Strategy.

Building your brand is more important than building links. A strong brand is playing an increasingly important role in SEO. One tangible example is Google s introduction and emphasis of Google Authorship, a program that connects content to your author profile with recognized authors content performing better in search engine results. Building your brand and thought leadership in your space are critical steps to ranking well over time. For help building and implement a branding strategy, see this collection of resources.

Social media plays an integrated role with SEO. Google is relying more than ever on human signals in the form of shares and mentions on social media to help vet sites. If you don t have a strong social media marketing presence and a strategy that makes it easy for people to share your content, it s time to implement one – give us a call on 0845 224 5806 and we can build your Blog and integrate it with Twitter too!

Social media has matured to the point where it s intersecting with SEO to help determine search rankings. Two easy places to start are building your Google Plus presence and ensuring that your website and blog have content sharing modules built in.

As you re developing your company s SEO plan, remember that all these trends add up to two things: integration and balance. Invest in all the key areas — from writing good content, to building links and developing your social platforms — with the understanding that they mutually support each other. Customise your plan by identifying your company s gaps and opportunity, and focus on the channels that bring you closer to your audience. Good search engines rankings should follow.

The author is an contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

If you d like help with a new website, a Blog or just need some advice on what to do with your website, give us a call on +1 604.377.9917 or contact our website designers in surrey, BC