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Why Add a conversion form to maximize customer retention is important for your website and SEO

Converting visitors into prospects/clients is probably the most important goal for your website. One of the most common ways to do this is by adding a conversion form to your website. It might be a call to action to sign up for your newsletter, register for a class, trial your product or download a free ebook. Whatever it is, having contact information from your site visitors means that you can follow up by email (or phone) with your potential customers.

How to Add a conversion form to maximize customer retention.

First, choose your conversion goal and call to action (CTA).Think about who your ideal customer is and what they are looking for on your site. Create a CTA that fits their needs: are they looking for a first purchase discount code, a how-­to ebook or a “stay up-­to-­date” newsletter?Second, decide which information you need. It’s generally best practice to ask for as little information as possible in order to make the process quick and easy for your site visitor.Third, choose a way to create your form and insert it on your site. You might use a form creation tool provided by your email marketing campaign software, a form service, a specialized conversion tool or ask your development team to customize one for your needs.Basic Tips:

  • If you choose to include a longer form, try dividing it into two parts.
  • If you’re offering a product or service, consider creating a pop­-up form on your homepage that offers a first purchase discount by filling it out.
  • Assure your visitors that they won’t be spammed and their information won’t be shared.
  • Make it clear which information you want in each field.
  • Create a clear CTA for your form’s button, such as “Download the Free E-book”.
  • Set up an auto­responder mailing system. Check if your country requires double opt­-in.
  • Auto­fill information from the IP address.
  • Optimize your forms for mobile.

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