Build External Links – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Common Marketing & SEO Checklist SEO best practices and guidance to help your website perform online.

Why Build External Links is important for your website and SEO

Great content is of little value if it’s impossible to find. Therefore it’s important to generate traffic to your website articles, and this can also generate links which pass search engine ranking value.Your research should highlight popular and relevant websites for your customers as locations from which to try and get relevant and quality visitors. You should also include references to your website which do not currently include relevant links, and coverage or links obtained by your competitors. If a website mentions or covers your competitor, there’s a high chance they’ll mention you.

How to Build External Links.

Look for relevant and quality websites within your industry. If they already link to you, can this be repeated or improved for relevance? If they link to competitors, is this something that can be leveraged for your own website?Target content types that appeal to industry websites. Do they tend to feature research, infographics, advice, etc.?Use journalism tools such as Help A Reporter Out to respond to enquiries for experts within your industry. Responses often include your bio and a site or social media profile link.You should have a mix of backlinks to your site that supply traffic and popularity for your search engine rankings. Avoid focusing solely on one or the other.

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