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Why Cover Local and/or Industry Events is important for your website and SEO

Events are a great way to raise your profile, grow and engage your audience, and attract links to your website. If you attend seminars, conferences, webinars or other industry events, write about them on your blog and post about them on social media. This will usually attract shares from event organizers and other attendees. You could also “live Tweet” any talks you attend – the speaker may even retweet you to his or her audience.If you’re a local business, community engagement is a powerful technique for gaining valuable local links and shares. So get involved in local events – sports, schools, parades, festivals, markets, etc. – and then cover them on your website. These events will strengthen your local signals and can get you especially beneficial links from authoritative .gov and .edu domains.

How to Cover Local and/or Industry Events.

Look for local and/or industry groups to join. If one doesn’t exist, consider starting one. Hosting online events via Google Hangouts, Zoom, YouTube, Facebook or other live streaming services make it especially easy to share that content later. Quality matters, though, so don’t get cheap with your webcam and/or microphone.When attending community and industry events, write about it on your website before and after, and post on social media during the event and tag people you meet or speakers you listen to. Take pictures and invite people to visit your booth, if you’ve got one. Video and image posts tend to do better on social media than regular text posts.

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