Create Useful, Unique Content that is Valuable for Your Audience – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Why Create Useful, Unique Content that is Valuable for Your Audience is important for your website and SEO

Page content is the backbone of your website and SEO. In order to get the most out of your site, though, you will need to create content that is unique, valuable and useful for your audience.Google likes content that answers a question, solves a problem or provides a new perspective on an old topic. Fail in this and you’ll find it hard to rank well for your target keywords, you’ll struggle to build a strong audience for your website and the visitors you do get likely won’t convert very well.Neither search engines nor human users are really interested in reading an article that doesn’t tell them anything they didn’t know already.

How to Create Useful, Unique Content that is Valuable for Your Audience.

Writing quality copy that ranks at the top of search engines, while moving prospects through the conversion funnel at the same time is one of the more difficult tasks for a marketer. Create a workflow to organize your content creation efforts:

  • Follow the conversation: Find the content in your niche that has the most shares. People share things they find to be entertaining, useful, valuable or all three. Use a tool that will show you the most shared articles on a particular topic. Tap into what people are saying about your business and industry using Twitter custom feeds or a paid tool like Mention.
  • Learn your audience’s search behavior: Build your content around the words and phrases your potential customers use in search engines. Ideally, you covered this ground during the keyword research phase of your SEO strategy. If you haven’t already, create buyer personas to represent your different types of customers based on their needs and uses of your products. This will allow you to tailor messaging for a diverse audience.
  • Make it quick and easy: You start to lose visitors after about seven minutes, so get your point across quickly. And make it easy: 79% of people only scan a page to pick out keywords and phrases. Lists are one of the best ways to achieve this: they reduce the mental work required to categorize and process information and by their very nature are highly structured, which makes it easier for search engines to interpret. Plus, they have lots of opportunities to use keywords in headers and subheads.
  • Bond with your user: People tend to base decisions, especially purchasing decisions, on emotion. Your buyer personas are very helpful with this: the better you know your audience the better you can tap into their psyche to show how your business will make their lives better, make them successful or just bring them happiness. Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity by creating limited time offers, or unique offers aimed at certain user segments.
  • Make them trust you: One of the best ways to build trust is to allow product reviews on your site and to publish testimonials or other social proof. However, you can also build trust through your blog posts and articles. Publish purchase and product guides, telling users what they should look for, what questions they should ask and what they should know about the industry in general. Making decisions easy for customers improves new sales and customer retention.

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