Encourage Customers to Leave Business Reviews – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Why Encourage Customers to Leave Business Reviews is important for your website and SEO

Business and product reviews are great for both SEO and marketing in general. In fact, 80% of online shoppers regard online reviews as trustworthy as a personal recommendation (although there is always a concern about fake reviews).Business reviews work as citations for your website. You don’t get link juice from review sites because most of their links are nofollow. But they can help your site look more trustworthy to potential buyers. Plus, many review sites have a lot of ranking power, so adding your business can get your name at the top of search results you normally don’t have a chance to rank for.

How to Encourage Customers to Leave Business Reviews.

Start by claiming your business on popular review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google My Business and TripAdvisor. Of course, there are other review sites that might make more sense for your business depending on your industry. Then, incentivize your customers to leave a review.The best places to do this is on the order confirmation page, emails and in your store, if you have a physical location. It’s also a good idea to send a follow-up email after completing a customer’s order encouraging them to leave a review.

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