Ensure Your Site is Compatible With All Browsers – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Why Ensure Your Site is Compatible With All Browsers is important for your website and SEO

Although desktop browser standards and compatibility have become more manageable, many websites are not optimized for the huge numbers of mobile and tablet users.This means you can lose potential customers simply by not enabling and optimizing websites for effective mobile display. Desktop websites are often impossible to use on smaller mobile touchscreens.

How to Ensure Your Site is Compatible With All Browsers.

Measure your current mobile audience in Google Analytics under Audience > Mobile Overview and Devices, and Internet browsers under Technology > Browser &OS. You can also check Operating Systems, Screen Resolutions and more.Ensure your website is checked across Screen Resolutions and Mobile Devices whenever design changes are made to ensure both compatibility and usability. Virtual emulators allow you to check devices you do not own.Use Segmentation to reference Device and Screen Resolution with conversions to prioritise further optimization. Do certain settings indicate higher conversion rates or bigger purchases?

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