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Why Establish Guest Blogging Relationships with Relevant Industry Blogs is important for your website and SEO

Writing for large, established sites can help you increase your reach and help associate your brand with quality publishers.By publishing your content, they are endorsing not only your messaging, but also your authority on the subject. This will make your company and products/services more trustworthy to your audience.

How to Establish Guest Blogging Relationships with Relevant Industry Blogs.

Research which sites in your niche have a large audience, good reputation and quality content. Look around the site or do a Google search for any writing or guest blogging guidelines. If the site functions primarily as a publisher, they likely have some. Do a quick content audit of their most recent articles. Make a spreadsheet to track topic, content type, date published, engagement (likes, shares, comments) and links.When writing content to pitch for guest blogging, avoid topics that they’ve covered recently or frequently, or offer a new angle or analysis to stand out. Pick keywords that are relevant to you and the publisher; this shouldn’t be too hard because ideally you have a very similar audience. Use this opportunity to build a relationship with these publishers to increase the likelihood of future content and link opportunities.If you do put links back to your site in your guest content, make sure you’ve optimized your landing page – publishers don’t want to recommend bad user experiences to their visitors. Finally, promote your guest blog post as if it were published on your own site. Link to it on your site and share it via social media. When appropriate, respond to comments to keep the audience engaged.

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