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Why Identify Industry Influencers and Build Relationships is important for your website and SEO

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool to build social proof and trust with your audience. “Influencer” can refer to prominent individuals in your industry that have a significant following. This can also refer to popular websites, magazines and other online publications.Cultivating visibility with your market’s influencers will help you build awareness and trust for your brand and links for your site.

How to Identify Industry Influencers and Build Relationships.

Use a tool like BuzzSumo to find industry influencers.Don’t focus solely on reach – audience engagement is just as important as total followers. In fact, someone with more audience engagement will be more influential that someone with a larger audience.Make sure they publish and link to content that’s relevant to your business and/or products, and that their site ranks well in search results.Start building the relationship by engaging with their posts and participating in relevant conversations with them – individual tweets and links aren’t the long-term goal here – you’re looking for something more valuable.When reaching out, don’t pitch your content to them right away. Instead, tell them how much you enjoyed a recent article, congratulate them on an award or thank them for sharing some of your content (if they have, of course!). When you do finally pitch them your brand, offer to collaborate on a piece of content. This will give them a sense of control and ownership, which will make them more invested.

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