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Why Optimize Pagination is important for your website and SEO

Splitting content over multiple pages can cause issues for SEO and usability. Search engines like content to be accessible with the least number of clicks possible, so large pagination chains may fail to get crawled and indexed.Splitting content by pagination can also cause duplicate and thin content issues, particularly for ecommerce product listings that use sorting and filtering.

How to Optimize Pagination.

For large paginated listings, adding further sub-categories will help indexing and user conversions. And it’s far better than trying to link to every piece of paginated content from one page.Check for duplicate page titles and meta descriptions.The preferred choice for most issues is to create a separate ‘View All’ page and canonicalize to that from each paginated option.Where this is impractical, use Rel=”prev”/”next” HTML attributes to create a chain through your pages.The last option would be to remove paginated content with no value from the search engine index by using a Meta Robots NoIndex, Follow tag on those pages.Try to benchmark how paginated content is currently performing via your server logs to judge the success of your work, and double check the implementation, particularly rel=”prev”/”next”.

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