Refine Your Social Media Marketing Based on Performance – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Common Marketing & SEO Checklist SEO best practices and guidance to help your website perform online.

Why Refine Your Social Media Marketing Based on Performance is important for your website and SEO

The social media landscape is constantly in flux. New players disrupt the market while the big established companies work to expand their user base.New products and features change the way users engage with and react to content on the platform. Just think about it: Facebook looked a lot different five years ago, Instagram was its own company and most people didn’t know how to use a hashtag.

How to Refine Your Social Media Marketing Based on Performance.

Familiarize yourself with the analytics platform provided by each social network. Take particular care to really understand the terminology of each one – “click” can mean different things in different contexts.Use these tools to optimize your social media posts to drive engagement – video views, likes and shares, as well as clicks. Is there a particular type of media or tone that works best? Does your audience seem to like emojis, or are they reacting to your more “no nonsense” posts?Use your site analytics to track how well each social media channel performs when referring users to your website – low time on site and high bounce rates indicate there’s a disconnect between your social media marketing and your landing pages. Conversely, monitor what’s successful for each channel so you can take advantage of that elsewhere.

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