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Why Research Competitors’ Link Building is important for your website and SEO

Obtaining links from other websites is a very strong ranking signal and a major part of SEO. Building links from high quality, relevant websites is necessary to improving your search rankings.Researching your competitor’s backlinks will help you compile a list of websites that are relevant to your niche and, theoretically, very likely to link to you (since they’ve already linked to a site similar to yours).Use any broken or out of date links to the competition as an opportunity to claim those links for your own.

How to Research Competitors’ Link Building.

Use an SEO crawler or backlinking tool to conduct a link audit of your competitors. Create three lists, one for their most valuable links, another for dead links and third for their most linked content.Start by going after the low hanging fruit: “reclaiming” the broken links. Send an email to the website owner offering your site as an alternative to the dead pages to improve their site’s user experience and SEO.Next, do a quick analysis of the type of content that gets the most links and the most valuable links. Build on and improve this content, if you don’t have better, similar content already. Use this content for a link building campaign targeting the competition’s most valuable links.

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