What is SEO

You may have heard the acronym, “SEO” when creating and updating websites. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, referring to the process of improving visibility of a website in Search Engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google. Higher ranked pages often have better SEO and website content, thus they notice more customer traffic to their sites. The SEO process typically involves a Web Designer updating your content, images, phrasing and code to make your site more prominent for Search Engines. When a Search Engine, such as Google, can effectively locate your website because of its optimization or SEO it is called being “search engine friendly”.

Is my website Search Engine Friendly?

If you are new to this term the odds are your website is not search engine friendly. Have no fear, SEO services are often offered as an addition to standard website packages. At any point you can update your website to be Search Engine Optimized with updates to the site’s content and coding. A professional Web Developer will be able to suggest the level of SEO required to guarantee your site can easily be found by potential clients.

How does SEO work?

Customers can type in generic information into a Search Engine that may lead to your website instead of using your URL. For example your customer may search for a, “Lambton-based bakery, mini cupcakes”. Search Engines will browse your website by “crawling” through your content, looking for key phrases, applicable information and appropriate code that refers to your search. This is where SEO comes into play. With proper adjustments to your code and content these “crawlers” access more of your website, therefore Search Engines are more likely to display your website to a potential client.

Why invest in SEO?

It is easier than ever to compare companies, services and products online. Customers are doing their research online before ever stepping foot into a store. The addition of SEO is increasingly important to ensure your website is able to be found using various Search Engines. This allows potential customers to find you online, effortlessly. Having a noticeable online presence will increase traffic to your website, so more people will see your services and promotions.

For more information on how your site can benefit from either SEO coding or a content overhaul please contact us.