SEOTeam Joins International Missing Type Campaign 2016 to Boost Recruitment of Blood Donors Worldwide

SEOTeam takes part in the International Missing Type campaign 2016, involving 21 countries representing over one billion of the world’s population, which seeks to reverse the global decline in new blood and transplant donors. Among the countries involved, there has been a 28% drop in new donor recruitments over the past ten years.

This year’s Missing Type campaign is based on the very successful local campaign run in England last year as part of the UK’s National Blood Week which saw over 32,000 people register as new donors over a ten day period as well as 1,000 organizations participate. The hallmark of the campaign involves high profile organizations, brands, celebrities, and others removing the letters A, O, and B from everything from shop fronts to store signs to media publications during the campaign. The letters represent the major blood types, and by removing them, the aim is to show that these ‘types’ are at risk of going missing in the future without sufficient new donors.

For this year’s campaign, the 21 countries involved run synchronized social media, PR, and marketing initiatives utilizing the missing letters approach. The campaign also involves companies and organizations, such as SEOTeam, who willingly amplifies the campaign in each of the participating countries. Global celebrities and influencers also participate to raise anticipation and interest. Planned content includes an international social media film which shows patients around the world thanking blood donors, as well as iconic images provided by each country depicting key locations with the missing letters.

The 2016 Missing Type campaign occurs during August 15 to 21.