Use Consistent Hierarchy for Site Architecture – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Why Use Consistent Hierarchy for Site Architecture is important for your website and SEO

A well-organized site is easier to use for both humans and search engines. Using a clear, uniform, logical structure for your site will make it easier for users to move between pages, which means it’s easier for them to convert. It will also help search engines crawl your site more efficiently and intelligently, so you can make the most of their crawl budget.If your site is poorly laid out, there’s a chance crawlers could miss important pages.

How to Use Consistent Hierarchy for Site Architecture.

Use common, industry-specific naming conventions that are popular with your audience for your folders and subfolders – those are the words they are most likely to use when performing a search.Category and sub-category pages should be optimized landing pages for their keywords. Remember: Site hierarchy influences what site links are shown in search results. So a disorganized or illogical hierarchy could lead to a confusing and unoptimized search snippet.Finally, create categories and subcategories that are clearly defined and mutually exclusive to avoid duplicate content issues.

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