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South Asian Celebrations presents ‘Khazana Magazine’

This spring/summer 2015 issue focuses on topics related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle and of course weddings are sprinkled in as well. This issue is the perfect balance of fun, sophistication and enlightenment, and each element has been woven together to form an intricate tapestry with the common thread being the Urban South Asian. It provides a stimulating visual experience, which offers substance and depth. it tackles many facets that are relative to the reality of an Urban South Asian, so in this issue you will find an array of articles that range from beauty secrets, spotlights on influential South Asians, fashion advice, wedding stories, healthy living and as you turn the page you will soon realise there is a lot more to be discovered.

One of the most exciting features included in this issue is the editorial piece, which focuses on the Great Kings of India. The editorial was challenging and involved endless amounts of research and planning, the end result is captivating and beautiful. This magazine takes inspiration from the Maharajas of the past and created very own modern day Maharajas. This journey back in time will be thought provoking and educational; the era of the Maharajas was truly magical, and a time in which India was showered with wealth and great luxuries. Using the Maharajas as inspiration and recreating them in a modern light has truly been nostalgic.

Life is a celebration itself and is full of treasures that are worth discovering, hence the name ’khazana,’ so join Khazana and dive head first into this treasure chest and come out enriched!


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