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CANN Helps in Facilitating the pre-settlement and integration of all new immigrants arriving in Canada through the Vancouver International Airport.

History and Background:

CANN’s program is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and its services are provided by S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a major settlement and community services organization with over 20 locations in British Columbia and overseas. Since 1992, CANN has provided services to over 750,000 newcomers arriving in Canada through the Vancouver International Airport. CANN also began providing services to government-assisted and privately-sponsored refugees in 1997.

Hightlights of CANN’s services:

  • Welcome reception and orientation to landing procedures
  • Information and orientation on settlement in Canada, including medical insurance, education for adults and children, employment, accreditation, business, housing and more
  • Quick linking of newcomers to national settlement and integration resources
  • Additional assistance based on need for government-assisted and privately-sponsored refugees.



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