With a larger percentage of people than ever before finding out about products and services by searching online, it’s important that you make some room in your budget for online promotional techniques such as SEO.

For many companies SEO is an important part of their long term marketing strategy, but what exactly are the benefits? Our guide should give you all the information you need on the advantages of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is about more than website traffic. There are many other benefits to optimising your website.

At Smart Traffic we know that you are interested in real, measurable benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about web ‘traffic’. It’s about making sure that the right sorts of people see your website within your chosen market sector, for your specific product or service.

So it’s not the quantity of visitors being driven to your website that matters, but the quality. If you sell cars, then you need to ensure your website is being looked at by people who are searching for information because they are actively thinking about buying a car themselves- these types of visitors are more likely to convert into real, tangible enquiries and sales.

Driving relevant visitors to your website should mean that you see an increase in enquiries about your products or services, which can then be treated as quality ‘leads’ to follow up on. These enquiries may come directly through your website, via email and also by telephone.

Research has shown that nearly half of consumers use a combination of Search and Social Media to help fuel purchasing decisions. This means that ensuring you have a healthy online presence is vital if you want to increase enquiry levels by reaching out to these consumers.

59% of adults in Canada went online to puchase goods or services in 2011, and the same percentage of Canadian SMEs took orders online by April 2011.

If you sell products directly on your website via e-commerce or by using an online shopping cart, Search Engine Optimisation can help increase the number of transactions by directing people to your website, or to a particular page, product or promotion.

Even if you do not sell products directly via e-commerce, the more interest people display in your website, product or service, the more likely you are to see uplift in sales as you raise awareness of your company and its offering.

Do you sell a particular branded product such as branded clothing, a particular make or model of car, or a competitive service such as mortgages or insurance?
Search Engine Optimisation can help to highlight specific products or any special offers you have running at the moment.

Over one-fifth of respondents to an online survey planned to spend more on online goods over the next 12 months, so supporting your marketing strategy with SEO is important.

Do you want people to know where you are, or target people based in a specific region? SEO can make your company more visible online for a specific region, city or town if you want. This can help boost your regional, national or even international profile.

An estimated 20% of searches made on Google via desktop in 2012 are local searches- people looking for companies who operate in their own area.

Research has shown that 40% of users who perform local searches then go on to visit, or contact the company directly after finding them via Search Engines.
Make sure you put yourself on the map with a Local SEO campaign – you should notice the difference both online, and offline.

We don’t just optimise your website for desktop computers, but can do it for mobile devices too- meaning people will find your website even if they are on the move. Marin Software predict that smart phones and tablets will represent 25% of Googles Australian paid search clicks by 2012. As an example From March 2010 – June 2011, shows that searches for ‘car insurance’ on mobiles rose by 70%.

With analysts expecting total online sales in Canada to grow from $16.9 billion in 2009 to $33.9 billion in 2015, it’s important to ensure that your potential customers are aware of your brand.

Ensuring that people can find your website easily on Google will have inevitable impact on your brand, in terms of how aware people are of you in your marketplace. Search Engine Optimisation can associate your brand name with relevant phrases for your target audience, and make sure that people not only find your company when searching online, but associate it with your area of expertise, no matter what your industry sector.