Extend Your Domain Registration and Buy CCTLDs – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Common Marketing & SEO Checklist SEO best practices and guidance to help your website perform online.

Why Extend Your Domain Registration and Buy CCTLDs is important for your website and SEO

Though Google has downplayed its importance, domain age is used as a ranking signal. Investing in registering your domain for several years is an additional signal that you’ve got a serious, legitimate business and are dedicated to providing a positive user experience.It’s also a good idea to buy misspelled versions of your domain and redirect them to your correct domain to reduce the risk of copycat websites stealing your customers or damaging your brand.Purchase country code top level domains (CCTLDs) to give yourself the future option of expanding your business to new markets and prevent foreign competition from confusing your audience.

How to Extend Your Domain Registration and Buy CCTLDs.

Use 301 redirects to send visitors to your homepage from alternate versions of your domain.Registering your domain for multiple years normally results in a discount, so there’s really no downside.

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