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Why Use Meta Robots Tag on Individual Pages is important for your website and SEO

The meta robots tag lets you control link following and indexing for individual pages. Setting the robots meta tag to “noindex, nofollow” will tell search engines to not index the page or follow any of the links on it.This gives you an extra layer of protection after your robots.txt file since search engines can still find, crawl and index disallowed pages via external links.

How to Use Meta Robots Tag on Individual Pages.

The meta robots tag, like the title and meta description tags, goes in the page <head>. To tell search engines not to index a page or follow any of its links, use this meta robots tag: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”/>.You can use a combination of “noindex”, “nofollow”, “index” and “follow”, depending on how you want search engines to handle indexing and links for individual pages.

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