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Why Interact with Relevant Online Communities is important for your website and SEO

Online communities provide great opportunities to grow your audience and engage with potential customers. Answering questions, clarifying misconceptions or otherwise contributing to a discussion will also help you build trust and authority with your audience. Establishing your company as a thought leader in your niche will make you look good, not only to potential customers, but search engines as well.Consider joining communities for people working in your industry so you can learn about market trends and pick up new tips and tricks for your business. This can also lead to guest blogging opportunities and links.

How to Interact with Relevant Online Communities.

Make a note of what communities your influencers are a part of and hang out there. Focus on quality, not quantity – choose websites that have consistent, valuable interaction instead of just joining as many as you can. Don’t bother with forums that have a lot of spam – associating with “bad neighborhoods” online will actually make you look bad in Google’s eyes.When you do participate in discussions, make sure you are actually contributing something of value by answering a question or solving a problem – if you don’t you’ll just get lost in the noise. And don’t risk your credibility – only contribute when you know what you’re talking about. Don’t view these interactions as link building; the goal here is not to slyly insert as many links as you can into a conversation on Quora or Reddit. Anyway, most online communities are automatically nofollow links.

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