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Why Promote Your Site on Social Media is important for your website and SEO

Social networks have been an important marketing channel for years now. In fact, the majority of millennials now expect brands to have a presence on multiple platforms. Almost everyone expects you to have at least a Facebook page.Social media allows you to promote your business and engage with your audience, while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and loyalty. You should also optimize your social pages for your branded keywords. Ideally, it should be your site appearing first in the SERP for branded keywords, followed by your various social media profiles. This way, even if someone skips your homepage, they’ll still stay within your ecosystem.

How to Promote Your Site on Social Media.

Optimize your social media profiles to rank for your branded keywords. Use the name that people most search for (Recreational Equipment, Inc. vs. REI) as your page title and vanity URL. Put your name first (that’s the keyword you’re really optimizing for), since it’s the most important part in Google’s eyes.Fill out the About Us section fully and include your most important keywords – Google uses the page titles and descriptions to form search snippets. Optimize your statuses and updates by including a comment: The first 18 characters of your updates act as titles and descriptions in SERPs. Always add a call to action to your Facebook page.Be sure to optimize your Twitter Cards on your website, as Google displays Twitter cards for branded keywords.

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