Secure Your Site Against Hacking and Spam – SEO Tips – Common Marketing Steps to achieve SEO Results
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Why Secure Your Site Against Hacking and Spam is important for your website and SEO

It’s much cheaper to prevent hacking than it is to recover from a hack. If you operate a website that handles sensitive personal or financial information, a security breach could be devastating to your customers, business and reputation.Websites that are hijacked to spread malicious software or manipulate search results can also see themselves removed from search engine indexes and placed on antivirus blacklists. Finally, Google uses HTTPS status as a ranking signal and gives a ranking boost to sites that are HTTPS secure.

How to Secure Your Site Against Hacking and Spam.

Keep your website and server software up to date – old versions are one of the prime targets for hackers. Make sure all employees use password security best practices and regularly monitor antivirus blacklists to make sure you haven’t been unknowingly compromised.

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