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Why Use Clear and Easy-to-Use Navigation Options is important for your website and SEO

Websites that are hard to navigate frustrate users, and frustrated users don’t convert. In fact, poor user experience could cause them to view your entire brand negatively, which will result in bad reviews and fewer repeat customers. Instead, use clear navigation options that help guide users (and search engine crawlers) around your website and through the conversion process.Your landing pages should be optimized to solve the problem or answer the question that caused the user to use the search engine in the first place. Completing the conversion should never be more than a click away.

How to Use Clear and Easy-to-Use Navigation Options.

Clear titles, headings and breadcrumbs help visitors know where they are in relation to the rest of your site and tell them how to get to any other information they might want. An HTML sitemap outlining the taxonomy of your site can be helpful if you have a lot of categories, subcategories and/or products. Site search and live help options should be clearly available on all pages (if relevant for your business).Monitor your site search – the most common searches can give you clues to problems with your navigation and site structure. When naming your categories, use established convention and natural words. This will help your users understand what your site is about and will tell search engines that it’s relevant to search queries. Use your 404 page as an opportunity to get users back on track quickly.

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