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Why Use Social Media to Engage Your Audience is important for your website and SEO

Having a presence on social media is no longer just a recommendation – it’s truly necessary. Your audience, especially the younger generation, will expect your business to have a presence on social media.Social media is one of the best tools to engage your audience (which is valuable to your business), build brand loyalty, monitor relevant conversations and respond to feedback (both positive and negative). Optimize your Facebook presence using the Facebook Insights analytics platform to analyze which posts drive the most likes, views, impressions and traffic to your website.Respond to comments and messages as quickly as you can – Facebook and Twitter are two of your most important customer service channels.

How to Use Social Media to Engage Your Audience.

How you optimize your social media presence for audience engagement will depend on the platform, industry and audience. The good news is that you can use analytics to figure out what works best for each social network.You can use the built-in analytics (Facebook Insights and Twitter Dashboard), or invest in a social media marketing analytics platform like Sprout Social. Image and video posts generally tend to do better from an engagement standpoint. Experiment with day parting (the day and time you post) to find the optimal times to promote yourself via social media to drive more traffic back to your site.Track social media traffic in your analytics platform to see which sites are best for conversions, which are best for shares and which are best for other engagements (likes, comments, customer service etc.).Try the technique known as newsjacking: find a news story related to your business or industry and give an opinion or even just a witty quip. Staying current will keep you at the front of people’s minds.

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